Early Learning

Early Learning

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Fisher-Price - Activity Arch White

Soft toy featuring a variety of different colorful textured fabrics and elements, to stimulate Baby'..

Ex Tax: AED160.95

Checkout Register

Age: 3 Years +Cash or credit? This sturdy register lets kids scan a card or pay with money. Play val..

Ex Tax: AED129.00

Chef's Apron Set

Age: 3 Years +Everything tastes better when you’ve got the right accessories.  Imagination &..

Ex Tax: AED56.00

Dancing Butterflies

Age: 12 Months +A gentle push or pull keeps these butterflies in motion and your toddler on his toes..

Ex Tax: AED98.00

Discovery Box

Age: 24 Months +So much to do in so little space! Five sides of activities keep little hands in con..

Ex Tax: AED149.00

Doctor on Call

Age: 3 Years+Keep your friends happy and healthy with this well-equipped doctor's kit.  Putt..

Ex Tax: AED92.00

Driller (Green or Yellow)

Age: 18 Months +Turn, turn, turn. If kids drill deep enough, they may find water.  Imaginati..

Ex Tax: AED30.00

Educa - Baby Identic Memo Game

This memory and experimentation game consists of 16 cards placed face-down on the table. Children th..

Ex Tax: AED69.00

Educa - Baby Puzzles Driving

Puzzles for the youngest children.A collection designed for two age groups: +12 and +24 months.The p..

Ex Tax: AED49.00

Educa - Conector Junior Finding Dory

Pocket format, ideal for taking anywhere. A complement to classic Connector.The smartpen lights up i..

Ex Tax: AED119.00

Educa - From 1 to 10

Slide the image and the matching number into the self-correcting frame. Turn the frame over to check..

Ex Tax: AED59.00

Educa - Junior Cars

Pocket format, ideal for taking anywhere. A complement to classic Connector. The smartpen lights up ..

Ex Tax: AED119.00

Educa - Superpack Finding Dory

A great box, full of fun for playing alone or withfriends and family. 4 games in 1 : 2 puzzles, a me..

Ex Tax: AED69.00

Educa - The Human Body

Discover the parts of the bones by overlapping 3 layers: skin, organs, and bones.CONTENT:- 4 puzzles..

Ex Tax: AED79.00

Fantasia Blocks Castle

Age: 18 Months +Uniquely shaped blocks with enchanting patterns inspire building in a whole new way...

Ex Tax: AED109.00