"We believe that children do not play to learn but learn because they play." This is the guiding principle of our company philosophy.

It is particularly important for us to promote the pleasure of playing together and to provide a variety of skills that a child should acquire at the age of two to seven years.

In this sense, it is our long-term goal to develop toys that will enable all children in the world to arouse, recruit and expand potentials. In doing so, we want to offer not only individual products, but rather educational learning concepts. We attach great importance to the holistic approach to education, drawing on the support of experienced pedagogues from science and practice.

We want our products to find long-lasting use in kindergardens and children's day care facilities worldwide.

We hope that our products will accompany as many children as possible on their way into a creative and self-determined life. We would like to give them a good time with game, fun and excitement, in which also - as if by itself - is learned.

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Hand Puppet "Elephant"

There are animals from the European forest, from the African savannah and the Australian outback. In..

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