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  • Edu Toys-My First Telescope 15x Zoom

    Brand:Edu Toys

    The My First Microscope is suitable for children aged 3 and up and is great for introducing them to science?

  • Edu Toys-My First Microscope 30x Zoom

    Brand:Edu Toys

    Our wide range of products spans from optical illusions to experimental electronic kits, from anatomical to globes, helping children explore the world from outer space to the land they live in and other things on it. Includes 2 prepared slides, easy to use dropper, a clear petri dish and an easy grip clamp. Helps to develop your childs interests. Engage children in the learning process in an entertaining way. Sturdy design. Have hours of learning fun. Size H41, W35cm. For ages 3 years and over. WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Only for domestic use.

  • Edu Toys-DIY Skeleton Model 18″

    Brand:Edu Toys

    This kit will help you learn the structure of the human skeleton. The model is a DISASSEMBLED constructor of the skeleton of an adult, which is securely fixed on a stable stand.

  • Edu Toys-Human Anatomy Model

    Brand:Edu Toys

    The believable human body model consists of 11 parts. Guided by the diagram, children can assemble and disassemble the model themselves. The natural model will be a good help in preparing for biology and anatomy lessons.

    Detailed instructions describe each organ. Not only children, but also their parents will find a lot of interesting information for themselves. It is important that these quality items are absolute analogs of adult’s devices, created taking into account children’s educational needs.

    Having EDU-TOYS toys, the child will get an idea of? how the world works and he himself, will be able to conduct his own experiments and make discoveries.


    Edu Toys-Human Anatomy Model

    Brand:Edu Toys
  • Edu Toys-Bug Collector Set

    Brand:Edu Toys

    Catching bugs has never been more easy and fun with the Bug Collector Set from Edu-Toys. Explore your neighborhood for interesting insects and plants. Gently collect bugs without hurting them. View your collections with the ventilated magnifying viewers. Collection net is also included. Sturdy child friendly construction. Perfect gift to young ones and will surely provide hours of fun while learning. Made by Tree of Knowledge.Let the fun begin again.

  • Edu Toys-Insect Exploring Kit

    Brand:Edu Toys

    The Insect Exploration Kit encourages inquisitive children to go out and discover bugs. They can get up close and personal with ants, spiders, bugs and butterflies – once you’ve captured the creatures place them in the ant house, ant platform or in the magnifying viewer for more detailed observation as they freely scamper around. Part of the Nature Series kits. Warning: do not look directly at the sun through lenses. Edutoys brand specialist in sciences presents this entertaining insect explorer set, for children with an interest in research, this new kit has all the accessories to scientifically discover nature. Search, explore, select and see the magic of amplifying and visualizing from another dimension

  • Edu Toys-Bug Barn

    Brand:Edu Toys

    The young naturalist’s set consists of 5 items: a carrying container and a jar for insects, a magnifying glass, tweezers, a net. The kit also contains instructions. Container with a practical wide handle, side opening. Children can take it for a walk, place the insects they find there, and bring it home or to class if needed. A magnifying glass allows you to view the beetles. With tweezers, you can collect plants, pebbles from the ground or branches. It is convenient to catch flying insects with a butterfly net. Development: curiosity, observation, attentiveness, thinking, love of nature, emotional well-being, the basics of natural history, biology, general development. A set for children from 6 years old for use on the street, for a walk with family, friends, in extracurricular lessons for educational purposes. Helps to study in practice natural history and biology. Suitable for Reggio training. Suitable for outdoor play. Recommended for kindergartens, development centers and schools.


    Edu Toys-Bug Barn

    Brand:Edu Toys
  • Edu Toys-My First Binoculars 3×35 mm Zoom

    Brand:Edu Toys

    The My First Binoculars is a great way to start exploring nature and wildlife. It has a 3X 35 mm zoom for seeing far away objects in a close, clear manner. It’s suitable for ages 3 and up.

  • Edu Toys-Binoculars 6x35mm Zoom

    Brand:Edu Toys

    Edu-Toys binoculars are a true dream of every young explorer. The child will study the world around him with interest, taking into account the smallest details. For ease of use, the distance between the eyes has been adjusted. The neck strap keeps the device secure during your child’s adventures.
    Pediatric binoculars offer 6 times magnification.
    35mm objective lens.
    The endoscope is equipped with rubber lenses, non-graded adjustment for sharpness adjustment.
    For the convenience of the child, the distance between the eyes can be adjusted.
    The sturdy rubber-coated case and neck strap will ensure the device is secure during any extreme adventure in nature’s little world.

  • Edu Toys-(100-750x) Zoom Microscope Set with Light&Projector

    Brand:Edu Toys

    This microscope set is sure to fascinate all young children once they learn the rudimentaries of micro-sense. The Edu-Toys MS007 microscope is a children’s microscope with a magnification of 100x, 450x and 750x. Has a projector function and built-in backlight. With it, the child will be able to see with his own eyes what the surrounding objects are made of. The microscope comes with a set of accessories that will help the young scientist prepare his own micropreparations and conduct interesting research. The microscope has the same construction as a conventional biological microscope. A visual attachment with an eyepiece, a revolving device with objectives, a focuser and an illumination are arranged according to the same principle. The holding paws on the preparation table will help to fix the micropreparation well, and the built-in illumination will provide the necessary brightness if there is not enough external light source. By tweaking the focusing knob, you can achieve optimal image sharpness. The microscope is compact: its height is only 23 cm.

  • Edu Toys-(100-900x) Zoom Die-cast Microscope Set

    Brand:Edu Toys

    For young researchers, a microscope with magnification from 100x to 900x, with illumination and a projector, accessories for experiments and entertaining experiments. The Edu-Toys MS903 microscope brings your child to the fascinating and varied world of microscopy. The microscope will become not only an interesting toy, but also an educational tool.

    Microscope objectives provide magnifications from 100 to 900 times. When examining at high magnification, the built-in illumination comes in handy. By turning the focusing knob, you will adjust the optimal image sharpness in the eyepiece. The stage is equipped with two holding legs that will securely fix the slide with the micropreparation. Complete with a microscope, the child will find a set of accessories for making preparations on their own.

  • Edu Toys-288x Astrolon Telescope with Aluminium Tripod

    Brand:Edu Toys

    Introduction to the world of space. The sky always beckons us with its mystery and incomprehensibility. Who has not dreamed of becoming at least a little closer to the stars and other heavenly bodies and more fully to imagine their shapes and outlines! Now, together with our Telescope, this has become possible for you. You will be able to observe the heavenly bodies and they will become closer and more understandable to you. From this moment you will step into a new, fantastic world of space, where there are still many secrets and mysteries.

    Who knows, maybe the next discovery is yours? Edu-toys is one of the leading companies in educational toys with over 15 years of experience. Our toy ranges include Optical Science, Aviation Science, Science Kits, Education and Electronic. Edu-toys is committed to pursuing knowledge for children and adults – adding value to a healthy lifestyle. We are accredited with ISO 9001: 2000 World Quality Standards and are truly ethically, socially and environmentally accountable.


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