Bouncers,rockers & Swings

  • 4moms-RockaRoo Baby Swing


    Traditional infant swings are large and clunky. We believed swings would be better if they provided the back and forth gliding motion that babies love in a compact and modern design. That’s why we created the 4moms rockaRoo infant seat. By flipping the swing on its head and moving the pivot point under the seat, the rockaRoo provides a large range of motion in a beautiful design that is just 1/3 the size of traditional swings.

  • 4moms-MamaRoo 4.0 Baby Swing


    Parents don’t vibrate like bouncy seats or swing like swings. We believe that infant seats would be better if they replicated the natural motions parents use to comfort their babies. That’s why we created the 4mom’s mamaRoo infant seat. We put sensor vests on parents to understand those motions and then replicated the bouncing and swaying in the mamaRoo to soothe and entertain better than traditional infant seats.

  • MOON-HOP-HOP Baby Bouncer Portable Soothing Seat with Vibration


    The Moon hop-hop is a beautiful bouncer with a sleek design that has been made to provide ultimate comfort to your child. With this bouncer, your little one will never get bored because it comes with engaging hanging toys and an extra soothing vibration. By pressing the vibration button, there will be a gentle and soothing fluctuation frequency of simulated amniotic fluid, which will calm the new-born’s uneasy mood.

  • MOON-Bungee Baby Electric Wild Portable Compact Automatic Swing with Melodies


    Moon Bungee is a portable swing deluxe bouncer, designed to comfort and soothe your baby during resting or sleeping time. This swing has different modes such as calming music with melodies and natural sounds to release away the bad mood. It is accompanied with a hanging plush toy on the bar that your little one will enjoy playing with. The Moon Bungee is the perfect friend for your baby in his/her growth years.

  • Hauck-Baby Seat Door Jumper

    This lovely door bouncer is the ideal solution for all children that love to move around.
    Just put you little one into Jump’s seat and the fun may begin. Your offspring can then
    spring about on its own. The jumping and the springy movements strengthen your child’s
    musculature for crawling and walking and, at the same time, the development of your little
    one’s motor skill is supported. While your child jumps up and down, you can calmly finish
    your works.

    The door bouncer Jump can be attached to most door frames by clamping system. No
    drilling is necessary making this bouncer ideal also for rented flats. Its seat is
    continuously height-adjustable so as to be adapted to your child’s height. In addition, the
    padded seat offers a lot of comfort and the small table with elevated border, which can be
    cleaned, can be used for other toys, too.

    Jump is the ideal play center for children who can sit up independentely.

  • Hauck-Alpha Bouncer Rocker 2 In1

    A sweet, snuggly place for babies and the perfect addition to our wooden high chairs.
    Even newborns can be involved in family life on an equal footing in the lovingly designed
    Alpha Bouncer 2 in 1. This baby attachment promises wonderful moments together,
    whether your little one is feeding, playing, or sleeping.

    The ergonomically shaped and soft and cuddly Alpha Bouncer 2 in 1 is the perfect place
    for your newborn. The fine, plush fabrics snuggle up to your child so that he or she feels
    at ease from the start. The softly padded seat pad reduces the size of the seat and
    supports your baby’s head. Paddings at the sides gives your baby extra support and the
    3-point belt keeps your little one safe at all times.

    Perfect for feeding – position the high chair with the baby attachment at the table and your
    child will be able to enjoy mealtimes together with you, at the heart of the family. Your
    little one will be very close to you and can observe what goes on at eye-level. At the
    same time, it also protects your back while you feed your baby.
    If your little one would prefer a little variety, simply mount the baby attachment onto the
    flexible base frame with a click. Movements rock it back and forth and it gently sends your
    child to sleep.

    The perfect solution – when combined with the Alpha Bouncer 2 in 1, you can use our
    wooden high chairs from birth, not just from 6 months. This makes our grow-with-me
    wooden high chairs, which can support up to 90kg, a practical companion for life.

  • Evenflo-Baby Deluxe Infant Swing

    As soon as you become a mother, your child’s needs come first. You want to make sure that everything is perfect for the adorable little creature who has suddenly changed your world. While thinking about the things a newborn need, it may have crossed your mind to buy a cute little swing to help you if your arms are occupied with other things. In the swing, your baby will feel protected and cozy, and its swinging motion will mimic the movement of your own arms.
    This adorable Evenflo Baby deluxe swing in cute and charming color shades will keep your baby happy for hours. Featuring music to sooth baby, a detachable toy bar with interactive toys and 3 swing speeds, as well as a plush and padded seat for extra comfort, it will help calm and entertain little ones. The most important things about swings are their safety and sturdiness. The main function of the swing will be to soothe your nervous baby and stop them from crying, this product is what it will offer.

  • Evenflo ExerSaucer-Tiny Tropics 2-IN-1 Baby Seat + Door Jumper

    Give your little one more play time with two stages of fun! The ExerSaucer. Tiny Tropics easily converts from a baby activity seat to doorway jumper – no tools needed. The baby activity seats wood accents and modern design compliment your home decor, while two interactive toys entertain baby in both seat and jumper modes.
    Tiny Tropics is quick to set up and transition from baby activity seat to doorway jumper and all the parts needed are included. Simply click the wood legs, with pre-assembled mat, into the tray and add the plush toucan toy to set up the baby activity seat in two easy steps. To convert to the doorway jumper, release the wood legs and click in the hanging straps. Its that much easy.
    The soft and supportive baby activity seat encourages your child to sit up, and the seat pad is removable and machine-washable. The doorway jumper provides bouncing entertainment for your child and features an easy-to-use clamp and adjustable straps that can be set at different heights as they grow.

  • Evenflo ExerSaucer-Jump&Learn Safari Friends Baby Stationary Baby Jumper

    The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump & Learn stationary jumper offers parents a safe and stable environment for their children to jump, learn and play. A variety of age-appropriate toys were developed in conjunction with Child Development Institute to help baby achieve important developmental milestones. The Sarfari Friends Evenflo Exersaucer jumper rock, spin and jump actions also provide baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen gross motor skills.

  • Evenflo ExerSaucer-Jump&Learn Jungle Quest Stationary Baby Jumper

    The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn offers parents a safe and stable environment for their children to jump, learn and play. A variety of age-appropriate toys were developed in conjunction with the child development institute to help baby achieve important developmental milestones. Rock, spin and jump actions also provide baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen gross motor skills. The unique balance base helps to build core strength and coordination. For almost a century we have been a leader in safety, innovation and education. Evenflo has developed a strong reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for babies and children. With this history comes the foundation of trust we have established with parents to provide reassurance they are making the best choice for their newest, most precious family members. Provides baby with secure learn and play environment 58 fun learning activities help babies achieve important developmental milestones bounce base gives baby a soft landing pad that promotes stability in early development extra jump allows baby to exercise legs while being entertained take with me toys provide for customizable learn and play experience physical exercise to develop baby’s neck, back and leg muscles and improve gross motor skills brings toys closer to baby grows with child to provide maximum product value. Provides for easy and convenient cleaning, 3-position height adjustment. Removable, machine washable seat pad. Evenflo extends its popular ExerSaucer platform into stationary jumpers with the new ExerSaucer Jump & Learn line. ExerSaucer Jump & Learn Jungle Quest is a delightful and engaging jungle-themed play environment that helps baby Exercise Body and Mind, complete with 58 fun learning activities and a balance base landing pad that promotes stability in early development.

  • Evenflo ExerSaucer-Jump&Learn Jam Session Stationary Baby Jumper

    The Jam Session jumper offers parents a safe and stable environment for their children to jump, learn and play. A variety of age-appropriate toys were developed in conjunction with the Child Development Institute to help baby achieve important developmental milestones. Spin and jump actions also provide baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen gross motor skills. The unique balance base helps to build core strength and coordination, and the electronic smart toys work together to play 1 of 3 genres of music when baby activates that genre on the conductor toy pod. The ExerSaucer Jump & Learn offers parents a safe alternative to walkers. With a variety of age-appropriate toys that help your baby achieve important developmental milestones. With rock, spin and jump actions that provide your baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen legs, back and neck muscles.

  • Evenflo ExerSaucer-Doorway Baby Jumper

    This ExerSaucer Doorway Jumper stimulates baby through jumping fun. It provides entertainment and exercise for baby without taking up all your floor space. The framed seat fully surrounds the child providing comfort and the sturdy door-frame clamp provides a secure fit in most interior doorways. Parents can feel comfortable knowing their child is protected by a fully-enclosed spring that prevents the child from touching the spring. Because this Doorway Jumper is easily packed, it is also great to take on the road for playtime anywhere and it’s easy to wipe clean when you’re finished using it.
    ExerSaucer door jumpers stimulate, entertain and exercise your baby without taking up floor space. Comfortable and easy-to-clean, doorway jumpers are great option for parents that need a portable, secure bouncer that fits most interior doorways.
    Perfect for children who can hold their head upright unassisted, approximately 4 months of age, up to 24 lbs

  • Maxi Cosi-Kori Baby Bouncer


    The popular child car seat manufacturer Maxi-Cosi has created a new home equipment range with which it introduces a whole new product line to the market. With its minimalist design, the Kori baby bouncer matches perfectly with the interior style of modern apartments.
    With Kori, you can always have your baby on your side ? right from the very first day and no matter which room you are in. Kori is a lightweight baby bouncer and can easily be transported from one room into another. When folded, it can be stored as a compact unit either under the bed or behind the couch.
    Kori is equipped with a super soft insert made from high-quality materials ? that way, your newborn baby will feel comfy and is provided with the necessary support. With just one hand, you can adjust the backrest so that Kori adapts to your baby’s needs. Switching from the movable baby bouncer setting to a fixed seat is possible at any time.
    The seat cover features a zip so that it can be removed easily and cleaned in the washing machine.
    Enjoy a relaxed time while your baby from birth up to about 9 kg spends some good time in the baby bouncer Kori.

  • Bombol-Bamboo 3DKnit Bouncer


    Bamboo 3Dknit? Bouncer is the first bouncer not just for babies.
    To be certified, a bouncer must support 9kgs ? an average one year-old. We wanted our bouncer to last a little longer than that. As a baby chair, ours is certified up to 18kg (we actually tested it up to 100kg to be on the safe side). 18kg is roughly a five year-old. More useful for much longer.
    If a bouncer is made from one uniform, non-elastic fabric, then newborns can sometimes roll or slump. Bamboo 3Dknit? Bouncer is engineered like a supportive hammock with softer, tensed material at the center of the bouncer and more rigid material where extra support is needed to cradle your baby. 3D knitting technology is brilliant because it allows you to weave a single fabric with different mechanical properties in different areas, and it?s breathable. It means the bouncer provides the perfect support in all the right places as your child grows ? almost seamless. Making it stronger as well as comfier than a traditional bouncer.
    A traditional bouncer has 3 inclinations of the same sitting position. The patented Dynamic Backrest lets your child choose their position simply by shifting their weight. A bit like an ergonomic office chair. You can also adjust, lock or release the backrest?s position silently without disturbing your child. And when it?s nap time, you can open the angle of the backrest, relaxing their tummy for a more comfortable rest ? all without moving or waking them.
    Don’t let the simple design of the slim frame fool you. Underneath we?ve used precision mechanics and patented geometry to ensure Bamboo bounces softly under even the smallest newborns, yet can effortlessly carry the weight of children as they grow up. As the Dynamic Backrest eliminates the need for delicate regulating mechanisms, the sturdy aerospace grade aluminum frame is rock solid yet rocks gently. To store it, disassemble in just one click.
    With the Bamboo Bouncer your child can enjoy snoozing, playing, bouncing and relaxing on their own high-end padded piece of furniture. And with every component over-tested, you can relax too.

  • Beaba-Bouncer Up&Down III


    Adjust the bouncer according to your activities and share every moment of the day with baby

  • Childhome -Rocking Scooter-Cream


    The rocking scooter will give your nursery a bit of European flair. It features long runners to minimize tipping so your child can rock safely for many years and is the perfect way to teach your little one balance and co-ordination.
    ATTENTION: Do not leave your child unattented.

  • Childhome -Rocking My First Car-Grey


    The trendy, rocking car gives the room an adventurous touch. It’s the perfect way for your child to learn how to balance and get coordination.
    The car has long legs, so your child can balance safely.

  • Skip Hop-Explore & More Jumpscape Foldaway Jumper

    Brand:Skip Hop

    With a light-up cloud bounce counter to track baby?s jumps, our jumper rewards baby with lights and music and breaks into applause at 100-jump milestones! It features a 360-degree rotating seat so baby can sit, swivel and bounce for maximum exploration. Clip-on, movable toys encourage development and allow for customized play. When playtime is done, easily fold our baby jumper flat for storage and transport.


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