Baby Monitors

  • Motorola-Focus 88 Connect Portable Indoor HD Wi-Fi Smart Home Monitoring Camera


    The motorola focus 88 connect hd Wi-Fi is a cloud-based home monitoring camera that turns any compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer into a fully functional home monitoring system via hubble for motorola monitors app. The focus 88 connect offers a motorized pan and tilt function that gives you a 300 degree view of your home, so you can ensure that your home and family members are safe at all times. The digital zoom function allows you to get a closer look at what’s happening, for additional piece of mind. The portable battery lets you move from room to room, for up to 90 mines wire free use.

  • Motorola-Focus 68 Wi-Fi HD Home Baby Monitoring Camera


    The motorola focus 68 boasts a wide 110 degree field of view and digital zoom, helping you see everything in sight and infrared night vision helps you monitor what’s going on in the room even in very low light levels. Staying in touch has never been easier thanks to two-way audio on the motorola focus68. Simply press a button in the hubble app and speak directly to your family and pets from anywhere in the world. Download the hubble for motorola monitors app to view your camera from anywhere in 720p hd, plus get smart notifications and manually record videos or take image snapshots. This camera has a built in temperature sensor, allowing you to view the current temperature in that room via the hubble app.

  • Motorola-Outdoor Wifi HD Camera


    A high definition Wi-Fi outdoor video camera to keep an eye on your home from your compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Motorola FOCUS73 is a remote Wi-Fi? outdoor camera that turns any compatible internet enabled device into a fully functional video monitor. The Hubble app for iOS and Android allows.

  • Motorola-Peekaboo-W Full HD Wi-Fi Video Baby Camera


    The Motorola Peekaboo is the perfect baby monitor for the tech-savvy parents. Download the Hubble app on your smartphone, tablet or PC and use it as your viewing device to stream video in Full HD (1080p).

  • Angelcare-Baby Movement Monitor


    This simple system monitors movement while baby is resting. Our Movement Sensor Pad with SensAsure? Technology is designed to be placed under baby’s mattress where it senses subtle movements while baby sleeps.
    The AC027 is the perfect addition for parents who already own an Angelcare Movement Monitor. The AC027 will complement the original monitor perfectly by adding movement monitoring on the second mattress to your current setup. It?s particularly useful if you need to monitor twins or 2 little ones in the same room.
    Do you already own a different brand of baby monitor but want to add in Movement monitoring for extra peace of mind now baby is here? The AC027 is perfect because it tracks the tiniest of movements and it will work with all other brand of baby monitor.

    Wireless Movement Sensor Pad with SensAsure? Technology
    Equipped with powerful movement detection technology, Angelcare?s smaller SensAsure? Movement Sensor Pad monitors all your baby?s slightest wriggles and activity. The Sensor Pad is a highly sensitive movement mat that detects shifts across the entire surface of the mattress without baby even knowing it?s there.

    Non-contact monitor & easy 1-time installation
    Redesigned and lighter, our Movement Sensor Pad is designed to stay under the mattress so is a simple, one-time installation to bring you peace of mind as baby grows.
    Our Movement Monitor completes any system
    If you already have a baby monitor but want extra peace of mind, the AC027 is the perfect addition to your existing monitoring system.


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