Sleep Aid Toys

  • Pabobo-Super Nomade Nightlight


    The Super Nomade is the first nightlight specially designed for children!
    Compact and light, the Super Nomade night light is perfectly suited for small hands. Intelligent, it turns on and off by itself depending on the ambient light … Like a big one!
    Rechargeable, the Super Nomade night light can light up to 200 hours, or a month of tranquility, it is tireless! And to always have the light you need, its charge indicator reminds you when it’s time to charge it.
    In addition, as it does not heat up, it can even stay under the sheets safely!

  • Pabobo-Moving Stars Projector-Grey


    Milky Way soothes children at bedtime and helps them falling asleep with its animated stars projections and soft music. It creates a magnificent starry sky, with stars moving slowly, as if baby was sleeping under the stars! The stars come to life on the walls and ceiling, creating an incredibly relaxing show. In addition, the projections and the music evolve according to the sleep phase, to encourage sleep.

  • Pabobo-Lumiblo Magic Lantern-Grey


    LumiBlo turns on and off with a single breath!
    Perfect for reassuring children and helping them find their way in the dark, LumiBlo is also practical for parents who want to watch their little one without disturbing him. This pretty night light scatters a soft warm glow. Magic, it turns on and off simply by blowing on it!
    Handy and fun, the LumiBlo lantern will please children and their parents!

  • Pabobo-Kid’Sleep Moon


    The solution to make your child sleep longer.
    The child just has to follow the position of the figurine to know if he can get up or should stay in bed.
    “Kid?Sleep Moon also has the”” Go to sleep”” function which displays at sunset or sunrise, a “moon”” setting or “”sunrise”” animation to indicate that it is time to get up or to go to sleep.
    Advanced functions to control time well. Easily accessible and intuitive to program: 4 lullabies, 4 alarms, 4 light intensities, 3 settings: night, nap and weekend.”

  • Pabobo-Kid’Sleep Globetrotter -Water Green


    A compact wakeup alarm indicator, the Kid?Sleep Globetrotter is easy to carry around for time whether at home or on the road.
    The figurine is illuminated in the sleeping position, the child knows that he must still sleep.
    At the time set by the parents using the timer, the figurine goes into the awake position. The child knows he can get up!

  • Pabobo-Kid’Sleep Clock-Grey


    The children’s alarm clock that makes learning time easier
    The main screen allows easy learning of time reading thanks to the dual analog and digital display.
    The alarm function really designed for children with a large mushroom button with snooze function and 3 progressive alarms.

  • Skip Hop-Cry Activated Soother-Sloth

    Brand:Skip Hop

    Soothe baby with sweet songs, nature sounds and your recorded voice?even in the middle of the night! This soft bedtime friend features an innovative cry-activated smart sensor that automatically responds to cries so baby and parents get a good night?s sleep. Easy to attach to the crib, it?s also a cinch to set and customize?a voice recording option lets mom and dad comfort baby no matter where they are. As baby grows, it becomes a huggable friend for toddlers.

  • Skip Hop-Dream & Shine Sleep Trainer

    Brand:Skip Hop

    Calling all sleep-deprived parents! Encourage better sleep habits for your toddler with this versatile Sleep Trainer Nightlight. The 4-in-1 design works as a sleep trainer, soother, nightlight and alarm that?s a cinch to set and customize for your needs. Easy-to-follow color cues and music signal time for bed, almost time to get up and okay to get up. Works great for naptime, too. Soother mode includes two calming sounds and a sweet lullaby. The nightlight comforts with three brightness levels. Alarm mode?perfect as your toddler grows?offers a gentle wake-up call with a sweet song and lights.


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