musical walker

  • Mini Panda-Lil Go Kart Baby Musical Walker

    Endless fun for the little one! Make learning how to walk, exploring and play time more interactive with Mini Panda’s Lil’ Go Kart Walker. Designed to replicate a car, this walker features a steering wheel, gear shifter and horns to engage baby’s curiosity, stimulating their early motor, cognitive, auditory and visual skills. Thanks to its electronic tray which has entertaining melodies and captivating lights; not only does it entertain the little one, it also transitions easily and conveniently from playtime to snack time! The 3-position height adjustment grows with the child, comfortably fits them with extra deep padded seat and stable base. With its 4 sturdy wheels, the little one can move effortlesly and safely on either carpeted or bare floors. Grip stoppers on both sides of each wheel prevents movement from catching on uneven surfaces. Along with adjustable heights and a machine-washable seat, Lil’ Go Kart folds flat compactly making it easy to tuck away or take with you when travelling.

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