Pretend Play Toys

Pretend Play Toys

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Checkout Register

Age: 3 Years +Cash or credit? This sturdy register lets kids scan a card or pay with money. Play val..

Ex Tax: AED129.00

Chef's Apron Set

Age: 3 Years +Everything tastes better when you’ve got the right accessories.  Imagination &..

Ex Tax: AED56.00

Doctor on Call

Age: 3 Years+Keep your friends happy and healthy with this well-equipped doctor's kit.  Putt..

Ex Tax: AED92.00

Fix-It Tool Box

Age: 3 Years +Nuts, bolts, and all the tools little builders need to tinker, are conveniently packed..

Ex Tax: AED74.00

Hape - All Seasons House (Unfurnished)

There are as many ways to play with this house as their families in the world. Six rooms, moveable ..

Ex Tax: AED475.00

Hape - All-in-1 Kitchen

Children will love this multi-functional, All-in-1-Kitchen and its array of charming appliances an..

Ex Tax: AED951.43

Hape - Baker's Trio

Age: 18 Months +Here's everything kids need to make and slice three delicious sand cakes.  ..

Ex Tax: AED18.10

Hape - Coffee Maker - White

Sitting back to relax with a cup of coffee is not just for adults, and with all you need to make a g..

Ex Tax: AED94.29

Hape - Pop-Up Toaster - White

Breakfast time has never been so much fun, and children will love to prepare and serve their parents..

Ex Tax: AED94.29

Hape - Tea Set for Two

Age: 3 Years +Tea time is the perfect time to take a break and talk with a friend (real or stuffed!..

Ex Tax: AED114.00

Happy Grand Piano - Black

Age: 3+ Years Budding concert pianists will easily scale the 30 keys of this colorful wood grand pi..

Ex Tax: AED679.00

Happy Harp

Age: 3 Years+ Play a favorite tune on this sturdy strummer sized for small hands and big voices. In..

Ex Tax: AED149.00

Indoor Outdoor Cooktop

Age: 3 Years +This wooden tabletop stove set has everything a small chef needs. For home cooking, se..

Ex Tax: AED149.00


Age: 12 Months +A gentle push or pull makes that familiar putt-putt sound to keep tiny feet in motio..

Ex Tax: AED98.00

Lunch Box Set

Age: 3 Years +Wood, Textile, Water based paint..

Ex Tax: AED94.00